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Craft Hacks

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How to Prevent Embossing Powder from Leaving Flecks on Your Card or Project

Have you ever tried to emboss a design stamp or sentiments on a card and after you heat the embossing powder, you find numerous specs of powder on the card that look really bad?  There is a way to prevent that from happening.  You can purchase “anti-static” products that you can rub over the surface of your card before you stamp, which will prevent embossing powder from flaking out onto your card.

Two brands that I have found are Ranger Anti-Static Pouches and Inkadinado Embossing Magic Powder bags.  Simply rub the bags over the surface of your card stock (it’s essentially chalk). Hold the card up and gently blow off any excess powder before you stamp.

Stamp and emboss your card.  If you see any stray embossing powder fragments, simply take a soft round paint brush and dust them off.



        How to Rust Everyday Items for Mixed Media Projects

Rusty “found objects” are very popular in mixed-media projects and junk journals.  I wanted to know how to make my own rust objects so I did some research.  This is the first recipe I tried that requires few ingredients and very little mess.

Recipe:  “Found objects” such as paper clips, small metal washers – anything that is metal and can rust. Dig through junk drawers

and the garage to find small metal objects that you can rust.

2 Tablespoons table salt, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, and an old glass jar

Begin by measuring two tablespoons of table salt into a jar.  Add the objects to the jar.  Don’t add too many at one time.

Add enough white vinegar to cover the object.  Allow sitting for 4-5 hours.  Carefully drain the liquid from the jar without washing off your objects.  Add another 2 tablespoons of salt.  Cover the objects with hydrogen peroxide.  Let sit for 30 minutes to one hour.  When you add peroxide to the jar it will bubble up and you may have to take a spoon and remove some of the foam and dispose of it several times.  When your objects have rusted, pour them into a strainer over a trash can, and do not allow the mixture to go down your sink and into your drain.  Rinse your objects with water and allow them to dry on paper towels.  You will find that some objects will rust and some will not.  Metal washers and paper clips are good choices.  Some, but not all safety pins will rust.  Store in zip-lock bags.


How to Prevent Glitter on Cards from Flaking Off

Have you ever made a card for someone only to have half the glitter come off in the envelope?  Solution: Spray the glitter-covered areas of your card with Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer.  It’s also great to use when you make paper flowers that you enhance with glitter.